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Walter Druce playing guitar Heritage




The album "Guerrière" by artist, songwriter and performer Andréanne Martin, released in 2020, is a bold and inspiring project. Comprised of ten original songs, this album showcases the strength, determination and resilience of the artist.

The lyrics of "Guerrière" carry a message of hope and courage, inspiring listeners to surpass their limits and believe in themselves. Andréanne Martin's unique and powerful voice is highlighted on each track, expressing with passion the emotions that run through each song.


SUPERFLY HIGH takes you on a flamboyant and lively journey, ranging from Disco to Funk and current Pop.

Their contagious energy will make you dance until you lose control! The 9 members of this band stand out with their unique backgrounds mainly in jazz and pop. SUPERFLY HIGH has the ability to adapt to all needs with their varied repertoire and stage experience.

So, are you ready to "Fly" with us?



The band is a collaboration of music between Jo Rigby & Walter Druce. Based in The Northern Rivers, NSW, with a growing fan base. Although their underlying sound can be defined as R&B/Soul, composers Rigby & Druce, having such different musical backgrounds; Rigby coming from Folk, Pop and Soul; Druce with Blues, Rock and R&B background, the music written has elements of all this combined.

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